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Goals get us started, consistency develops habits, and our community keeps us motivated! #CFWVFAMILY





The mission of CrossFit West Visalia is to provide services that have a positive and lasting effect on our client’s health and wellness. CrossFit West Visalia promises to put our clients through safe, effective, high quality workouts that people of all fitness levels can enjoy.

To ensure safety we have a 100+ hour training program for our coaches that is in addition to their CrossFit Certification and we have policies in place to minimize risk and improve quality of movement. We take pride in what we do here at CFWV and want to ensure the customer achieves their fitness goals in the safest way possible! In addition to safety we promise to provide you with coaches that are effective communicators. We understand that coaching is just as much about verbal communication as it is a demonstration of movements.



CrossFit West Visalia offers a wide variety of programs that will have a tremendous impact on your overall health and well being. We do not care how much you lift, how fast you go, or how many reps you can do. We care about advancement in your health and accomplishment of your fitness, career and educational goals. 



This gym is AMAZING! The coaches are amazing, great group of people. Everyone that works here, and that workout, here are great people. I wish this was the first gym I found. They are the least judgmental group of people around.

Brenda S.

August 2020

I don't know if there is a better environment with such a wonderful, great group of people and staff. To have been apart of this gym has been nothing short of a pure blessing. Jacob, the BEST owner and coach, his level of knowledge is beyond anyone else. Not only that, he is a great person and he shares that leadership, mentor ship, and friendship daily. His entire staff also does the same, so I would recommend this gym to anyone at anytime. Hands down amazing and the environment is extremely positive! Amazing!!!!!!!!

Jeremy G.

March 2020

11/10 rating for this spot, everyone was really nice and friendly even though I was not a regular there. Nick and Adam were awesome instructors, definitely want to get in another class as soon as possible. Hoping to be a regular here more, but in the meantime I suggest anyone to at least try a class. If you are looking for more conditioning or a "leisurely" workout day, Nick recommended trying to attend a class on Thursdays.

Austin D

August 2020

Jacob Hutchison,



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6515 W. Goshen Ave

Visalia CA, 93291

Tel: 559-679-9335

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